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Our residents say it best! Below are common applicant questions answered by our residents.

Why did you choose this residency program?

A: When my husband and I interviewed for residency programs, we spent two months traveling up and down the east coast. We are detail-oriented people and we just blanketed the entire east coast over a several week period of traveling, and we always picked unopposed programs. We were not interested in a program where there were a lot of other specialties, because to us, it would water down our experience. We came from a university program in Florida for medical school, and the family medicine residents there did not get enough exposure to some of the more difficult procedures because you had other subspecialty residents there who wanted those procedures. Central Lines, Chest Tubes and getting in on deliveries and doing some of the more intricate things, they didn’t see. Here at this program it’s completely open to you. There is no one else there who wants to do those other procedures and there are a lot of other people who are interested in training you.

Initially I did not choose Phoebe, I’d planned on going to another residency program, had already made plans and had already looked at another apartment and we getting established in going to that program. It was right towards the end of the interviewing process, and I had a friend who was at the program here who asked me to come down and look at the program. He spoke very highly of it, he was a close friend, somebody I could trust, I really hadn’t considered Albany. I agreed to do it, initially in my mind, more as a courtesy interview than anything, just to come down and spend some time with him. When I got down here I was very impressed, even though I had driven through Albany several times, I did not realize the medical facilities they had, and in getting to know the residents here and the faculty, everyone was very friendly and helpful. Some people have mentioned that it is an unopposed program, that’s a plus if you are considering a primary care specialty or family practice. The reasons I came here to begin with were also the reasons I decided to stay. They really did take good care of me the three years I was here, they were very supportive, and I got very good training. Because of that I knew that I could trust them.

It’s the only residency in house that gives you the opportunity to see it all and do it all. The staff is very friendly and the faculty are easily approachable you can talk to them whenever you want to.

Everyone seems to have a desire to teach, and help you or me get wherever you want to be.

I looked at about fourteen programs, and out of the fourteen programs, the residency as a whole, the faculty (outside faculty and within the residency program), the residents were very happy, and that’s what I was looking for.

Q: What about the stability of this program?

A: This is a very well run corporation. There is a lot of stability in upper management, and they are very dedicated to providing financial and any kind of support the residency program needs.

Q: Why did you choose a stand-alone program at a community hospital?

A: Working at a community based hospital; it tends to have a more relaxed feel, you get very good teaching because you are one on one with the physicians. You get to develop a relationship with them, it’s not through another resident, it’s a direct relationship with them. They are very helpful, friendly and supportive. Now that I am out practicing I feel I’ve developed these relationships where I can call them up and we know each other. That’s one advantage of staying here. But nothing but supportive.

Q: What about the quality of teaching and support?

A: The residency program has been very good to me and has met every one of my expectations. Everyone here is very friendly and wants to teach.

We have some of the brightest, most hard working, and really giving specialists. Because they don’t get paid to train us, and yet they spend a lot of time and a lot of energy into doing this for us and I really respect them for that. Also the staff here is fantastic. You will not find a better staff anywhere. The administrative staff really makes it the personal goal to make sure that we get everything we need, whether it’s tools or help doing something, they really go out of their way.

There is mutual respect and consideration among the residents, the faculty and the staff, which revolves around teaching, responsibility, teamwork and a lot of fun.

They are always there if you need to ask some questions regardless of whether it is clinically based questions or just emotional support.

Q: How flexible is the program?

A: The other thing I love about the residency program is the flexibility. I am more interested in women’s health and geriatrics, and I spend more of my energy learning about those things and I have people to help me learn about that. Some of the other residents are really focused on O.B. and more interested in that and they get more experience in that, so you can kind of tailor the training to what you are going to be doing when you finish residency.

Q: I have a family. Is there day care available?

A: My husband and I have two children, who we adore, and we have day care here at Family Tree, which is the name of the Phoebe day care, and they love our children they treat them like they are their own. My children have thrived there, they love going to school every morning, they are always absolutely excited to be there and I really thank the upper management of Phoebe for putting together this child care center because it is one of the best I have every seen.

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