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Program Director
About Us
At Phoebe Family Medicine Residency, the future of Family Medicine starts now. Despite today's challenges, we share the values and vision of the leaders of our specialty and are taking action. Thanks to strong support from our hospital system’s leadership, we are embracing and implementing new technologies that will enable our ascent toward our lofty goals. Our young, dynamic and diverse core faculty members are easily accessible and truly committed to the education of our residents. If you desire to be an integral part of something special, I invite you to apply to become a member of our rising team.

George Fredrick, MD, Program Director

“Family physicians are committed to fostering health and integrating healthcare for the whole person by humanizing medicine and providing science-based, high-quality care.”

Future of Family Medicine Project Task Force 1. Report of the Task Force on Patient Expectations, Core Values, Reintegration, and the New Model of Family Medicine. Ann Fam Med 2004; Vol 2 Suppl 1: p S42.

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